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The ActionPack™ for our new game BLACKOUT is a real case with great items which players can use to solve riddles. It is water-resistant (sprinkle water) and durable. The ActionPack™ is the perfect extension for BLACKOUT as it expands the game by a haptic element and makes it even more interesting to a broader audience. With the ActionPack™ players can play both the augmented reality riddles and the specially designed ActionPack™ riddles.
This ActionPack™ includes the following items:
  • 1x Custom Game case: Custom-designed, durable, and water-resistant (sprinkle water) case with a shoulder strap to carry all the items needed in the game. The whole ActionPack weights just 2,2KG!
  • 1x Custom foam inlay: a special manufactured foam inlay where all game items fit perfectly
  • 1x Leather Wallet: high-quality black leather wallet containing 3x ID Card, Real Coins & Money notes
  • 1x Fake iPhone with Case: Fake iPhone covered by a slider cover with a hidden and real looking Credit Card inside
  • 1x USB cable: a USB cable for the Time Lockbox
  • 1x LED Lantern with Hand Crank: power any USB device with this Hand Crank
  • 1x Time Lock Box with Inlay and USB LED Fan: The blockbuster item of this ActionPack! A closed Box that can be opened just with a cable and energy from the Hand Crank. Inside is a custom inlay and a secret USB LED Fan. Power the fan with the Hand Crank and a hidden message will appear.
  • 1x USB UV LED Lamp: a UV lamp that needs to be powered by the Hand Crank
  • 1x High-quality W.I.S.E. folder: a durable and nicely designed folder with W.I.S.E. logo which contains the following items: Great AR-pattern CIRCUIT BOARD which looks like a real Circuit Board, AR Pattern CD for Laura AR, Printed A5 WISE Manual with instructions
  • 1x Bluetooth speaker: weather-resistant, portable Bluetooth speaker with charger
  • 1x Notepad and 1 pen
There are NO iPads included in this product! Used iPads can be purchased at a low price for example on eBay.
This product may apply to import duties.
Shipping by airmail we may not include the Bluetooth speaker due to restrictions.