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This MOON FLAT license allows you to perform unlimited game events and interactive tours on the Moon. Yes you have read correct: the Moon! The MOON FLAT comes with all the professional features needed for creating outstanding games and tours.

The main features of the MOON FLAT license include:

  • Territorial protection for the Moon (well, at least for the bright side. the dark side unfortunately was occupied by the Wehrmacht. You can read about it here.)
  • Only 1 MOON FLAT license available! (at least for the bright side)
  • Use of the software: app, online customizer tool and live operator to track your teams live on the map (make sure you have internet access)
  • 2 Missions inclusive: „Magic Portal“ game and the next upcoming ESCAPE THE MOON GAME! Imagine 20 of your guests are flying to the moon – they have 1 hour to
    escape it! One of the most exciting experiences ever!!! Your corporate customers will love it!
  • Flatrate: unlimited game events included
  • Right to sell game events to private clients, corporate clients as well as aliens (except the Borg!)
  • Free updates of described software tools, updates for other human platforms like android and language updates (for all know languages)
  • Premium Support via phone, WhatsApp, email and Skype (make sure you have internet access)
  • Access to online help center, knowledge database with video tutorials and marketing material

Additional features of the MOON FLAT include:

  • 15 routes and different game variants
  • Up to 1,000 simultaneous player teams (iPads)
  • Alert button: in order your players have a problem, they can contact you via the alert button.


Please dont have a look at our Software License Agreement as we do not guarantee for anything while you are playing on the Moon. Instead: watch Star Wars, Star Treck and Mission to Mars. You will learn a lot.

The MOON FLAT license will be automatically renewed after 1 year. Make sure your bank account or PayPal account is covered (we dont accept AMEX, Bitcoins or other alien currency. But you can pay in goblin coins!).

Attention please:

Please note that you need internet access and GPS connection to properly play the game. If you are looking for a provider, we can recommend you MUSKTNT. Beside the Moon they are also planning to expand to Mars soon!).

Access to the tools:
After you have ordered your MOON FLAT we will review your company. We want to make sure that you have the power to bring CLUETIVITY™ to the Moon market. This may take up to 5 business days. You will receive an email as soon as we have approved you as a partner.

We cant wait to see you building and playing CLUETIVITY™ Games and Tours on the Moon.

PS: Just in case the MOON FLAT is a little bit too big for you to start with, have a look at our CITY FLAT licenses and upgrade later.